Put a spring in your step

This past weekend, the weather has been bright and sunny, albeit still rather chilly. But there have been glimpses of spring on the horizon, and this year more than ever, it feels like spring is bringing a fresh start and some light at the end of the long, dark, covid tunnel.

There are so many things to love about springtime. Despite the onset of my dreaded hay-fever symptoms, it is probably my favourite season of all. So I wanted to share some of the things we can all look forward to if we’re feeling a bit glum during this ongoing pandemic…

Longer days and lighter evenings

Surely one of the best things about emerging from winter are the longer, lighter days! It’s a welcome relief to still see daylight at the end of the working day, and it means we can start to think about after-work adventures to make the most of our evenings. And for a sleepy-head like me who has the urge to hibernate all winter, the extra daylight does me a world of good and gives me more energy and motivation to get things done.

So, post lockdown, I’m looking forward to evening walks at the coast (just imagine that refreshing sea air!) and mid-week hikes in the hills. The longer days and lighter evenings are full of possibilities!

Spring blooms

St David’s Day marks the start of spring for me, even if it’s not officially spring yet. But daffodils are synonymous with the celebration of all things Welsh, and the sight of golden yellow trumpets fills me with spring joy.

One of the things I love about spring is that the landscape bursts into life and colour again after the grey of winter. It starts with the daffodils and white and purple crocuses in March, and I look forward to seeing the fragrant cherry blossoms and fresh green growth on the trees, and the bluebells carpeting the woodlands come May! There’s something so uplifting about having fresh spring flowers in the house too… I think colourful tulips are one of my springtime favourites.

Easter celebrations

Easter is big in Italy. Bigger than Christmas! It’s a celebration of new beginnings and of course it centres around good food and even better company.

I love our Easter family get-togethers. For many people, Easter is about the chocolate eggs, and as a self-confessed chocoholic, I’m partial to that side of things too. But for me, I’m looking forward to what makes our Easter special… the people and the tasty homemade treats. From my Grandad’s delicious Easter Pie to my Mum’s Strega-soaked cake covered in fresh fruit, Easter is a highlight in our calendar.

Warmer weather

The temperatures still feel a bit Arctic to me right now, but seeing the sun shining almost tempts me to put away my winter jumpers. It hopefully won’t be too long until I can have a spring clean of my wardrobe and pack the teddy-bear coat, chunky knits and padded jackets away for another year. But I’m not ready for that just yet… not until the temperatures rise quite a few degrees further still.

But the promise of warmer weather just a few weeks away brings so many positives; from simple pleasures like having breakfast on the patio or working on my laptop in the garden, to more exciting things like warmer waters making me keen to go stand-up paddle boarding again. As an Italian, I was designed for warmer climates, so spring makes me happy to be able to live a little more ‘al fresco’ again.

Birds, butterflies and bees

It seems I’m not the only one coming out of hibernation in spring! Every morning, I’m waking up to a dawn chorus of birdsong in the trees in my garden. You wouldn’t believe how loud those little birds can sing, but it’s such a beautiful, gentle sound that makes me smile.

And as we move further into the season, I’m excited to see the butterflies emerging and the bees returning to the little bee garden I created last summer, as they go about their busy business of pollinating our gardens. We also have a resident squirrel who spent the winter digging holes and hiding acorns in our lawn. He keeps returning to munch on nuts every day, but we also have loads of tiny oak trees springing up all over the garden thanks to him!

I really feel like spring is the most optimistic season of all. So, remember that if you’re having a bad day, brighter days are just around the corner!

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