Interviewing Amy – Blogs and the Inbetween

Amy is one of my best friends and we recently went for coffee and a catch up on a rainy Saturday afternoon, where she had the spontaneous and brilliant idea to interview me for her blog. So, I felt was only right to interview her in return. Prepare to be inspired – she is one of the most amazing people I know, a very supportive friend and an incredibly creative fellow blogger!

Introducing Amy

Name: Amy (also known as Amz)
Topics: Everything – life, lifestyle and the in-between

1.So Amy, how would you describe yourself in 3 words?

I think I’m Friendly, thoughtful and creative!

2. How did we become friends?

I’d been working in a content company in Newport for about 6 months when Danielle joined the company too. We instantly hit it off and discovered so many things in common that we quickly became good friends and have been the best of friends ever since then. We both left the company we were working at and after that, we didn’t get to see each other every day anymore, but we have stayed such good friends – I couldn’t imagine life without her!

3. What made you start your blog and why do you enjoy it?

I started my blog when I was working for the content company where we met. I was bored with having to write about things that I wasn’t personally interested in, so I decided to start my blog with no clear direction and just went with the flow. I enjoy it because it is a fun way to write about anything you’re interested in and its exciting to think that other people will see what I’m writing!

4. Where is your favourite place to write a blog?

I tend to start writing a blog pretty much anywhere. If I have ideas or thoughts that come to mind, I open a draft on my WordPress app and I start typing away. I’ll go back to that draft later on and finish off the blog post, but I really can write anywhere. Most often, I can be found writing at home, in peace and quiet with my cat Molly for company, and sometimes the Greatest Showman soundtrack in the background.

5. What has been your favourite blog topic so far and why?

One of my favourite blog posts is one that I’ve written very recently. It was a blog post aimed at potential employers and why they should hire me. It’s my favourite because it let me write about myself creatively but also highlight my achievements, my professional hopes for the future and hopefully it gave people an insight into my work ethic.

6. What would you love to blog about one day and what would be your dream blog topic?

I’m hoping in the future that I won’t be chasing my dream career but I will actually be living it and that I’ll be able to blog about my professional experiences. I’ve always been set on the prospect of having an interest in my job, both personally and professionally, and I would love for my future career to take me places and let me experience new things that I can share and write about in my blog.

7. You often write about your monthly favourites in your blog. Why do you write about this topic and can you tell us about some highlights from last year?

I love to share my monthly favourites because for a while, I would watch monthly favoutire videos on YouTube. I kind of wanted to do the same, but I’m not confident enough to be filmed on camera. So I decided to write about all my highlights from each month instead, as I feel much more confident typing behind my keyboard than being on camera.
Some highlights from last year’s monthly favourites would of course be memorable trips and holidays that I’ve been on, including visiting London with Danielle and taking a tour of Buckingham Palace. I’ve always wanted to do this because I’m a total royalist and I’m so happy that I finally got to go and experience it with my best friend!

8. What would be your 3 top tips for someone who wants to start their own blog?

Tip 1: Set up a WordPress account. WordPress is one of the easiest websites that I’ve ever used and even if you don’t invest much time in the design, then you can still post your content and you would have started your very own blog.

Tip 2: Consider if there is a key focus for your blog, for example, choosing one specific topic. If you do choose to focus on one thing, make sure that you have endless scope for creativity and ideas for blogs to come.

Tip 3: Plan ahead! It’s not 100% vital to plan every blog you write. However, to make sure that you post content regularly, keep a rough plan in mind of what you could blog about, how often you want to blog and also set aside the time to get it done.

Ok, now for some fun stuff…

9. Have you ever met anyone famous?

I’ve met a few pretty random people actually:

  • Fern Cotton – She was really nice!
  • Gethin Jenkins the Welsh rugby player – I met him in a bar and we high fived!
  • I should have met Demi Lovato last year at a meet and greet event – but sadly she cancelled.
  • Alyssa Edwards from RuPaul’s Drag Race – We hugged!

10. Finally, can you tell us 5 key fun facts about you?

Fact 1: I am super dooper creative. I love to paint, draw and make things!

Fact 2: I love amimals! My favourites (in no particular order) would be cats, dogs, goats, giraffes and lions. For my birthday, my parents are going to buy me an experience to feed the lions at Folly Farm!

Fact 3: My favourite saying is: “Every day may not be good, but there’s something good in every day!”

Fact 4: I’m really into beauty – I have always been so interested in make up and I started watching make-up tutorials on YouTube when I was about 16. The first YouTuber that I started to watch was Pixiwoo, who I ended up meeting back in 2014.

Fact 5: I’m really into live music including gigs and musicals. For example, I once saw James Arthur three times in one year, I saw Footloose the Musical three times, Wicked the Musical four times and this year I will be seeing the Spice Girls twice in one month.

Thanks for telling us all about you Amy! I already know how great you are and I’m happy to be able to share this on my blog for everyone else to see. Please go and take a look at Amy’s blog and be inspired to start your own!

Over and out,

Danielle x

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