Bath Spa – a mini holiday

Ok, so once again I’ve neglected my blog. I’ve had loads to write about over the past few months, but I just haven’t got around to actually putting pen to paper. So to make up for it, I’m going to do some mini-blogs about my latest adventures and maybe a few retrospective blogs too, as I have a lot to catch up on and will soon have even more experiences to document.  

My first micro-blog is about a recent day-trip to the historic town of Bath. Famous for its natural thermal hot springs (the only ones in Britain!) and ancient Roman baths, the town is only just over an hour away by train from where I live. Perfect for a daytrip! It is a beautiful city full of majestic stone buildings and Georgian architecture, which I’ve only really visited for its well-known Christmas markets and I’ve never properly explored. Unfortunately, this trip wasn’t planned for exploring, but simply to spend a day of relaxation at Bath Spa.

It was a fantastic girly day – something we should really do more often! I was hesitant at first because the spa seemed quite pricey at £40 for two hours, but my friend insisted that it was worth the money. She had visited the spa before and she sold it to me well. I was convinced! It is a popular tourist attraction with a great reputation and the idea of a day relaxing and putting my feet up was very tempting. How could I say no?

When we arrived, we had to queue to get in as expected. It took around an hour, as they try to prevent the spa becoming overcrowded by letting people in gradually throughout the day. It was about 1pm when we went into the spa (kind of wishing we had thought about grabbing some lunch beforehand), but once inside, it felt so calm and relaxing. We had the choice of a roof-top pool or indoor pool with a Jacuzzi and lazy river (all heated by the natural thermal springs of Bath), and multiple steam rooms and a sauna too. 

rooftop pool
Image from

We had picked a beautiful day for it. In fact, one of the hottest and sunniest days of the year so far. To make the most of it, we headed straight for the roof-top pool, where we spent time relaxing in the sunshine, chatting, catching up and soaking up some rays. We were surrounded by the stunning Bath stone buildings and striking architecture, with the rolling green Somerset hills in the background. With the sun beating down on us as we floated in a roof-top pool, it actually felt like being on holiday, which is a truly great feeling considering we were on a day-trip just one hour from home. It made my weekend feel so much longer and like I’d had a proper chance to recuperate and unwind.

By the time I had started to notice some tan lines appearing (I haven’t seen those in a while!!), we decided it was time to explore the rest of the spa. We made our way to the steam rooms, which were all fragranced with different aromatherapy oils and scents to entertain the senses. The perfumes were intoxicating and soothing and energising, and the steam rooms didn’t stop at the sense of smell. Each room played different sounds from bird song to calming classical music. They were even decorated in complimentary themes like nature and ancient Rome. Following the steam rooms, we ventured into the infrared sauna for a while before braving the ice room. This space surprised me… it was filled with cool water vapour and a trough filled with ice cubes and crushed ice. It was surprisingly refreshing and invigorating rather than painfully cold. Just what we needed after the heady scents and heat of the steam rooms and sauna.

Minerva bath - with lazy river
Image from

Finally, we visited the indoor pool and Jacuzzi. It was just as warm as the roof-top pool, with the addition of gentle under-currents. It was so relaxing to just lie back on a float and be carried by the currents around the lazy river. Perfect for more girly gossip time! After floating around gently for a while, we decided the roof-top pool was our favourite and we chose to spend the last bit of time sunning ourselves like we were on holiday again.

Overall, two hours was plenty of time at the spa. I was starting to turn into a wrinkled prune and I couldn’t ignore the hunger pangs any more. Bath Spa was such an indulgent day out with my girl-friends – the perfect place to unwind and chill out – and we topped it all off with some tapas and sangria to complete that holiday feeling!

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