The Magic of Live Music

One of the things I enjoy most in my spare time at the moment is experiencing live music. Not just listening to it, but truly experiencing it. Soaking up the atmosphere, the vibes, they rhythm and the energy at a live music event is invigorating and I am making 2017 my mission to go to more concerts, festivals and gigs than ever before.

In fact, I have got quite a few events in the pipeline this summer, including Adele, the Killers, Jack Savoretti, Tom Odell and the Y Not Festival. So all in all, a lot of live music to look forward to in the coming months. But my 2017 music marathon has already begun… with a lesser know group called Seafret. 


I first came across Seafret when they performed as the support act at a Kodaline gig a few years ago. I instantly felt a connection to their songs, both through the lyrics and the instrumentals. It also struck me how normal and down-to-earth the band mates were as they chatted with the crowd and they thoroughly appeared to enjoy themselves as they performed. It made me think that support acts are often under-rated, as Seafret have now become one of my favourite groups with their chilled-out tone yet upbeat songs and I owe it all to attending a different group’s gig!

Back in February, as Matt and I were travelling from Iceland to Toronto, I came across a Seafret gig coming up in May at Clwb Ifor Bach in Cardiff. It was the last thing I was expecting to find as we waited for our flight, but it made me excited… I actually had the chance to see them centre-stage as the main act. We instantly booked tickets, which to our surprise were just £10 – such a bargain considering that you could be paying that much just to watch a film at the cinema. Live music is so much better anyway! 

clwb Ifor Bach

I hadn’t actually been to Clwb Ifor Bach before, but as a venue, I really liked it. Having worked in an arts centre before, I have come to appreciate different aspects of live events and venues and Clwb had a great vibe about it, from its city centre location with views of Cardiff Castle, to the quirky urban interior with exposed brickwork. I could sense that everyone at the gig was there to have a good time and enjoy the music and I feel that Clwb Ifor Bach was the perfect venue for it. Not too big and not too small, but just enough to give the gig a friendly intimate feel as Seafret conversed and joked with the crowd between sets. And they didn’t disappoint! The duo got so involved and passionate about their songs that they managed to actually break the strings on two guitars during the gig! However, their performance couldn’t be faulted, they were keen to meet the crowd after the gig and I enjoyed their concert even more than I previously had.


It was refreshing to experience live music in a smaller venue than I’ve been to before. There was no pushing and shoving to get a good spot at the front, as everyone had a great view of the stage no matter where they stood. It didn’t feel crowded and claustrophobic like some gigs I’ve been to before, yet it still had the excitement and the vibrant atmosphere that I love in bigger venues too. It’s safe to say that now I can’t wait for the next live music event on my marathon list and I intend to plan many more!!

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