Adele in Wembley

I’m a big fan of Adele! Her music is sensational, her voice pure, and her personality down-to-earth. She’s not one of these celebrities who wants to be in the lime light all the time. In fact, she values her privacy. But despite this, she is extremely talented and when her tour was announced I was keen to get my hands on a pair of tickets. After all, I’ve heard a lot about her shows. My parents have been to see Adele in concert before and they raved about how good she was live, as well as how well she interacted with the audience. They said it was a show like no other they’ve experienced before.

I was ready and waiting when the tickets were released, securing two as a gift for my brother for Christmas (knowing full-well that he had little choice but to take me with him!). We waited patiently for months before the big day arrived, but it was worth the wait.

I’ve never been to Wembley before. It is a venue on epic proportions and admittedly, our seats were up in the sky, but it didn’t matter because we were there along with nearly 97 thousand other fans in Wembley, to witness one of the final shows of Adele’s 25 tour. It has been rumoured that this could be her final tour ever, so it was a privilege to be there.


And what a show it was!!!

The stage in the centre of Wembley was circular, with a screen hanging above. Adele’s closed eyes on the screen faced out to the crowd and suddenly they blinked open as Adele made her entrance singing “Hello” – One of her best loved records and the perfect opening to her gig. The crowd responded with cheers and the “super-fans” were screaming and waving banners in admiration. Once Adele had reached the central stage, she completed her opening song and then continued her introduction by chatting with the crowd, which almost felt like we were chatting among friends. She was hilarious, full of funny stories, making jokes and swearing like a trooper – all trademarks of her unique shows. She is the first artist I have seen that goes straight into her set without a support act to warm up the crowd first and this only added to the effect.

Adele’s voice was as clear and resonant as her CDs, if not better in real life! She played all of her most iconic and well-known tracks, from the Bond theme-tune Skyfall, to Rolling In The Deep, to Set Fire To The Rain, and each was as breath-taking and as good as the next! It was hard not to sing along the whole time!

The gig was very interactive, with the circular screen above the stage playing fragments of videos recorded for each song. Adele talked to the crowd about how they were created, encouraged us to sing with her and shine lights as the open stadium gradually fell darker and darker as the night went on. It was spectacular to see thousands of tiny lights glowing across Wembley, reminding me of the Tsunami Relief concert years ago in the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.  There was even a heart-felt tribute to the victims of the disaster at Grenfell Tower, for which Adele is making an effort to raise funds to help people rebuild their lives.

20170628_215157.jpgThe show was only made more spectacular by the addition of confetti cannons, fireworks, smoke effects and Adele’s sense of fun (including a T-shirt gun which she fired into the crowd for a few lucky individuals to catch and keep a signed Adele T-shirt!). I got the sense that Adele was truly grateful for her fans support, as she kept thanking the audience throughout as she paused to sip her hot honey drink and part way through the show she announced that she had left a selfie and a hand-written letter on the back of someone’s chair right at the back of the stadium as a thank you gesture for making the effort to see her live in concert. To top it off, at the end of the show, Adele left Wembley Arena in an iconic London black cab, waving to the crown as she drove away.

I saw Adele’s 120th show on her World Tour and she only had three more to do in Wembley before taking a well-deserved break. However, she has unfortunately had to cancel the final two shows due to a risk of damaging her vocal chords and I’m devastated for my friends who have been waiting so eagerly to see her. I’m sad to hear that Adele has not been able to complete her World Tour, which she talked about so proudly as an achievement during the concert and she was thrilled to have got so far. But I hope this is not her final tour, as it has been rumoured to be.

All in all, if Adele ever does another tour, I will be there and you should too… Unless you want to miss out on an incredible experience!

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