My Own Path

When my parents were in their twenties, they bought their first house together. It was a run-down property that needed gutting and my Mum and Dad worked hard to raise the funds for their renovation project and did the house up themselves. This is something that I would also love to do, but it seems that it’s not possible for me at the moment as I just can’t afford to make that first step onto the property ladder.


I’m now in my mid-twenties and I am surrounded by friends and peers my age who are buying houses, getting married, having babies and even getting their own dogs! I have to admit, I feel like I am at a very different life stage to them. That doesn’t mean that they are “ahead” of me or that I’m falling “behind”, but it just goes to show that I have taken a different path to others.


My own path has involved moving away from home to live in London for a while, which ultimately cost me a lot of money and meant that I wasn’t able to save towards my house deposit. However, I chose to do this and although my nursing career didn’t work out for me in London, I loved living there and with hindsight, I wouldn’t change my decision to move there at all. I was very lucky to have the chance to live in Chelsea; albeit in the tiniest key-worker accommodation ever! It was a bustling, up-market part of the city where I would see things that surprised me every day, from dogs in designer clothes to cars covered in crystals! It was certainly a world away from the hills and villages I was accustomed to back at home in Wales, but it was fresh and new and exciting! I spent my days off exploring London, finding my feet, growing in confidence and discovering my independence. It was an adventure for me, but due to the decision to change my career and start an apprenticeship, I couldn’t afford to stay there and decided to return to Wales.


Moving back home with my family was easy for me because although I loved the London life, I missed them hugely. Many people said to me:

“How are you finding living with your parents again?”

To me, it wasn’t difficult at all. I get on well with my family and they support me with my decisions and mean the world to me. Sometimes they annoy me a little, but most of the time, living with them feels natural and easy. I had to live with my parents through my apprenticeship anyway because I didn’t earn anywhere near enough to rent somewhere, as well as running my car. But at the end of the day, I kind of feel like paying rent is like paying off someone else’s mortgage anyway. What’s the point in that when I could be living at home and saving up for my own house deposit!?

So although my friends are married or homeowners or parents, yet I’m still living with Mum and Dad, I know that one day soon I will have saved up enough money to put a deposit down on my own little place and that will be at the right time and place within my winding path. In the meantime, I’m sure I will have many more adventures to write about and plenty of time to make plans for my first home. I’m sure I will write about my first house when it happens, but for now, I’m going to write about my other adventures. In fact, I think I will have to write about my London life soon too!



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