A Different Tone

Lately, I’ve been thinking about lots of things that have been on my mind. But one of them is bothering me today more than usual, so I thought writing about it will be a weight off my shoulders.

They say that actions speak louder than words, which I believe is very true. What you do in your daily life (both the normal, small, routine things and the unusual and extraordinary things) says a great deal about your personality, your values and you as a whole.

Just smiling at a stranger on the Tube or acknowledging the Big Issue seller in the High Street shows compassion, empathy and humility. These are just small things that we can slot into our daily lives. It doesn’t take any time or effort to do these things but can make a difference to other people around you and brighten their day. On the other hand, pushing through the crowds on the Tube or ignoring the Big Issue seller who’s just trying to get by, can be hurtful and ignorant. After all, you never know what other people are going through or the struggles they are dealing with in their own lives. Everyone has their own story. So I make an effort to do the little things because it makes others smile and makes me smile too.


But I don’t think that only your actions speak louder than words. The words we say and use make a huge impact too. However, I think that the way we say it makes the biggest impression of all. Your tone of voice conveys more than you might realise, whether that’s in person, over the phone or by email. Even if you say something kind but in an angry tone, it sends out a very different message. Your tone of voice can betray what you’re really thinking and feeling inside, despite the facade on the outside. We are not all good with words. In some situations, like listening to and comforting an upset friend, I sometimes find it difficult to know what to say, and that’s ok because the tone of my voice illustrates my true feelings and that compassion and empathy is a comfort all by itself.

Recently, I’ve been discovering that not everyone understands these concepts in the same way that I do. Some people think that the things they say make more of an impact on others than the things they do. That words are enough. And although I recognise that words are powerful, I strongly believe that we communicate our true selves in many other ways. This is something I feel strongly about and it is something that I have discovered from my experiences, learning from the positives and the negatives. It has changed my perspective and shaped the way I portray myself to others. It has made me realise that it is ok to not know what to say as long as your actions and tone are honest and true, speaking louder than words possibly could.


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