Guess who’s back?

Hi again, it’s been a while!

Two years in fact! My blogging attempts of 2015 didn’t really get off the ground as it was a very busy year and so much has changed since then. The last time we met, I was planning to embark on a new adventure, moving to London to continue my career as a children’s nurse. But I’ve come a long way since then and here’s my latest story:


The London Adventure

In 2015, I followed through with my plans to move away to the big city of London to start a new nursing job in Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. I moved into hospital accommodation in the wealthy Chelsea neighbourhood and made my room as cosy and homely as possible, with a wall of photographs, adventures and memories which I planned to add to throughout my time in London. As much as I enjoyed living the busy and exciting life of a Londoner, the truth was that I learned a lot about myself having moved away from home and I soon discovered that nursing was not the right career path for me. Despite being caring and compassionate, I was struggling with the job as I found that it simply didn’t challenge me enough and I wasn’t enjoying it at all. This was the turning point at which I made the brave and scary decision to give it up, after years of training and working as a nurse, to have a complete career change and move back to Wales to live with my family.

It was a difficult decision to make, as I felt that I was letting people down. People whose opinions I cared about. But I soon understood that being unhappy as a nurse in London wasn’t invisible to those who really cared about me. They knew that my glass was half empty and they were relieved and supportive of my decision to return home. So the next step was to decide what I was actually going to do as my new career and I had a whole host of options in front of me with so many directions I could take.


A New Direction

Through lots of research and after many job searches, I came to the conclusion that I had the right personality and skill set to be a great event planner, but I was aware that this new career path would be challenging without any relevant experience or qualifications behind me. However, I came across a job advert in September 2015 for a one-year apprenticeship in Venue and Events Management at The Gate Arts Centre in Cardiff, which seemed like the perfect opportunity for me. I applied (keeping my fingers crossed) and was invited to an assessment day (which was long, tiring and very intense!!) and I was very shocked to be informed a few days later that I had been successful. The other candidates had seemed so strong on the assessment day, but the team saw something in me that they liked and the job was mine!

I started working at The Gate in October 2015 and had one of the best years there ever. I made some incredible friends who I know I will have and keep for life; I grew as an individual both personally and professionally; I learned so many new skills; I developed an interest in the arts and theatre, and I grew hugely in confidence. A few months in, I was like a different person compared to the lost nurse fighting to keep a smile on her face in London. My glass was half full again and family and friends had noticed the difference. I was enjoying work again and told myself I would never let a job get me down again.

At The Gate, I worked hard to achieve an advanced NVQ level 3 in Management through managing the venue, staff and events. I planned and coordinated workshops, classes, parties, weddings, dance shows, theatre productions, gigs, cinema nights and more, and enjoyed trying my hand at every aspect of work in the arts and community centre. I experienced not only events and management but also marketing, social media management, reception work, bar work, project management, fundraising and so much more. I had some very memorable experiences with the amazing people I worked with, some bad, some good. But all too soon, my year at The Gate was coming to an end. It wasn’t all plain sailing. Like any workplace, it had its faults, but I also feel incredibly lucky to have worked there and it was very bittersweet to leave it all behind.

Moving On

Once again, I began my job search. However, this time round, I felt much more positive and better equipped to find a job in the career I had chosen. The job scene didn’t have a huge amount to offer at the time, but one particular role caught my attention: Social Media Associate at Citrus Content. I explored this further and the company, a content writing and social media management agency, seemed refreshing and innovative. I liked the sound of it and decided to apply, but unfortunately, it was a Jobs Growth Wales position and I didn’t meet the criteria. This was a huge disappointment, but I stayed positive and continued my job search. Shortly after this, I was contacted by Andrea, the business owner of Citrus Content, who informed me that the job was being advertised again, this time outside of the Jobs Growth Wales scheme and she asked me to re-apply. So I did, and I got the job!

In October 2016, I started my new role at Citrus Content, working with a friendly, zesty team of ladies, managing social media accounts for estate agent clients. And it was through this new role that I re-discovered my interest in blogging and decided to give my long-lost blog some TLC.

So here I am, starting the brand new year of 2017 working at Citrus Content and wondering where my journey will take me next!

Ciao for now x

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