Operation Christmas Child – Go #TeamCitrus!

We can’t deny that the festive season is all about love, sharing and giving… And we’ve got a lot of love and zest to share!

The #CitrusLadies have been very excited lately about all things festive! With Halloween and Bonfire Night behind us, it feels like Christmas is fast approaching. Although it still feels a bit too early to talk about Christmas, we can’t deny that the festive season is all about love, sharing and giving… And we’ve got a lot of love and zest to share!

So after being inspired by the shoebox appeal at Archway Court Nursery in Newport, we made a pact and decided to venture into the curious world of shoeboxes to do something kind for others this Christmas.


Operation Christmas Child – The Shoebox Appeal

Introducing Operation Christmas Child – a campaign that has been run by The Samaritan’s Purse Charity since 1990. Over the years, they have been able to support over 124 million children around the world from Uganda to Romania and beyond, providing them with a little shoebox which makes a massive impact on their lives!

We are lucky to be able to afford to buy our families and friends nice gifts and to be able to spend quality time with them over the festive period. But for thousands of children living in less fortunate circumstances, Christmas is just another day to get through and survive in their war-torn country or refugee camp.

No child should have to live like this, but unfortunately, it is a reality for many. And although Christmas is not just about presents, these little shoeboxes full of love and surprises bring a ray of sunshine to brighten these children’s lives and that made us feel warm and fuzzy inside!



Let the Fun Begin!

So first of all, we set out to find our shoeboxes. After unsuccessfully rummaging through cupboards at home for spare and empty shoeboxes, we came to the conclusion that finding a simple box was not so easy after all.

Next, we took to the streets of Newport in the hope of getting our hands on some shoeboxes from local shoe shops. Success! We owe a big thank you to the local shoe retailers of Newport. Without your help, our shoebox appeal wouldn’t have got off the ground!


Filling our Boxes

Next, we undertook the task of gathering items to fill our boxes for girls and boys, from toddlers to teens. We wanted to include a good mixture of gifts inside each box; from toys to educational materials; and toiletries to clothing. We shopped ‘till we dropped, not buying a single item for ourselves or our families, and that made us feel like we were doing something really special – a good deed which will make a big difference to the lives of children we will never meet.

Once we had gathered enough items to fill our shoeboxes to the brim, we then faced the difficult task of wrapping the shoeboxes, with the box and lid separate. It took a while and it’s really not as easy as you might think! But when they were finished, they looked fantastic and very exciting for little people to get their hands on. So we proceeded to fill our boxes with our specially selected gifts, placed the lids on and sealed them with #Citruslove.


Special Delivery

With our gifts all wrapped and ready to go, we delivered our boxes to Archway Court Nursery, ready to be sent off to their unsuspecting new owners as a surprise gift from afar. We can’t wait to find out where our shoeboxes have gone, but we can be sure that any children who receive our boxes will know that we filled them with love, zest and rays of sunshine for them this Christmas!



So why don’t you have a go? Fill a shoebox with special treats and send it on its way as an anonymous gift to a child who might not receive anything at all this Christmas. We thoroughly enjoyed sharing some love and happiness through Operation Christmas Child! It might even become a #CitrusTradition!

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